Coach Narleski “Chip” Malone had no plays designed for the effects of this life-threatening opponent that he faced–heart disease. In true Coach Malone fashion, he did. All he knew was that “God is on my side.”
Is there a NURSE in the house? 

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I have an appreciation for nurses because they are held responsible for our care while they themselves come into contact with so many different doctor & patient scenarios, germs and decisions to reflect excellence in healthcare.   Disclaimer here, I admit – this is coming from a “bad patient” in regard to not wanting to be sick in the first place, wanting someone to listen to me, don’t stick me–again or handle so roughly.  Nurses are people too.  They have families, different family dynamics just like us.  They attend their children’s ball games, shop for the perfect attire for a party, decided where they want to go out to eat or what movie they want to see.  “Always listen to the nurses,” Dr. John LaPook. 

Cheers every difficult step

Cheers every difficult step

I don’t know about you, but I want nurses safe from the multitude of things that they come into contact with so they can continue to do the job they do.  That is usually the task that many of us don’t have the gifting or knowledge to do.  These healthcare professionals:

Keeping watch thru the night

Keeping watch thru the night

  • make decisions that help keep us alive
  • hold us up when we can’t find the strength
  • clear an entire area just to keep you safe during therapy
  • cheer you on with every difficult step you make
  • watch out for you throughout the night
  • (joke) race with you and let you win

And when all else fails, they come back to work another shift and do it all again.  As a heart transplant (November, 2010)and tricuspid value (February, 2013) recipient,Cynthia and I return on occasion to the hospitals where I was admitted, we send “thinking of you cards” every now and then just to say hello.  I don’t know if that makes a bit of difference to any of them OR if they are still at the same hospital.  But I want them to know I appreciate “my nurses.” To Your Health, Coach Chip Malone, Author/Mentor    


Chip Malone is a retired Head Coach for the Varsity Boys Basketball team at Warner Robins High School from 1991 to 2009 before retiring in 2009.  He lead teams to three Region Championships, one Sweet 16, one Elite 8, one State Final (runner up), and holds an unsurpassed record of six consecutive Bear Brawl Christmas Basketball Tournament Championships in a row.

My Story

I have another passion after becoming a heart transplant recipient in November, 2010.  I now dedicate my time to honor the memory of my organ donor by telling this story in an effort to promote heart health.  I am a family man, former educator and coach for 32 years following my destiny as an author of a book entitled “A Second Chance”.  The book depicts a struggle to live, the power of love and triumph that will encourage your faith.  Hear the story and why I am thankful for a second chance. I am a Mentor with the GA Transplant Foundation who believes that education is the key to reducing heart disease, and since experience is the best teacher, I hope that others can benefit from mine.  I will continue Chip’n Away at Heart Disease.  And now I ask you, “What would you do with a God-given second chance?”

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