Coach Narleski “Chip” Malone had no plays designed for the effects of this life-threatening opponent that he faced–heart disease. In true Coach Malone fashion, he did. All he knew was that “God is on my side.”
Welcome to the New Year!

 Hopefully you (my reader) are excited about the progress coming your way in 2015.  If you have an inspired thought, you must act on it! 

What Now?   Cynthia and I are looking forward to improving and growing in a good direction.  We want to spend more time with you so you can benefit from our blogs, presentations and events.  We certainly hope you will call on us for your event or join us at ours. Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease strives to make a difference in the lives of the people we meet, their friends and loved ones.  We do this by telling about poor health practices and the adverse effects of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.    Before we became a non-profit organization, we were out there busy getting the word out.   We developed a “wish list”of things we wanted to achieve so that Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease could provide life-saving information.  Some items on the list have changed from a wish to results!  There is an even longer list now. In August, 2014, the organization was officially awarded non-profit status.  Operating outside of my comfort zone hasn’t been all that bad.  Since we began in 2011, we’ve learned the need to strengthen our visibility that will hopefully lead to expanding our potential to get the word out.  Thanks to all that helped us to meet our goals.  You know who you are and that we couldn’t do this without you.   Somehow, on paper, we are on target!   But there is much more to do!  See Chip’n Away @ Heart Disease Timeline . . .  To Your Health, Coach Narleski “Chip” Malone


Chip Malone is a former Head Coach for the Varsity Boys Basketball team at Warner Robins High School from 1991 to 2009 before retiring in 2009.  He lead teams to three Region Championships, one Sweet 16, one Elite 8, one State Final (runner up), and holds an unsurpassed record of six consecutive Bear Brawl Christmas Basketball Tournament Championships in a row.

My Story

After becoming a heart transplant recipient in November, 2010, I dedicate my time in honor of my organ donor in an effort to promote heart health.  I am a family man, retired educator and coach (32 years of service); and the author of “A Second Chance”.  The book depicts a struggle to live with heart disease, the power of love and triumph that will encourage your faith.  From this book, you will understand why I am thankful for a second chance. As a Mentor with the GA Transplant Foundation, volunteer with the American Heart Association & LifeLink of GA, I encourage education as the key to reducing heart disease. I hope that others can benefit from hearing my personal experience.  I will continue Chip’n Away at Heart Disease.  And now I ask you, “What would you do with a God-given second chance?”

Healing Scriptures

Make a Donation

Fundraising is a matter of life and death for some transplant candidates, and a matter of quality of life for others. Your generous donation will help Coach Malone’s endeavors to assume self-responsibility for his medical needs by fundraising.

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